Computer Program Puts Byte on Farmers' Weed Problems

Latest edition of WeedSOFT available for farmers' weed management needs. Compiled by staff

Published on: Mar 1, 2006

Farmers bitten by weeds can byte back with a computer program WeedSOFT.

WeedSOFT provides producers with tools to identify weeds, select herbicides and set up a customized treatment plan. The software program's 2006 version offers a handful of new features, including weed management for hay crops.

First-time users can purchase the software for $50. Annual updates are $40.

"WeedSOFT is a computerized weed management decision aid for corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, wheat, grass pastures and forages," says Bill Johnson, Purdue Extension weed scientist.

"In the past, most people have used printed guides that are produced by industry or universities to help them make decisions on which herbicide products to use and how to use them. What we've attempted to do with WeedSOFT is take all of that information and put it into a computerized program."

The software also goes a step beyond weed control books, Johnson adds.

"This program has the ability to predict yield loss based on various weed infestations, which is a feature that we simply don't have in the printed guides," he says.

WeedSOFT is a collaborative effort of nine land-grant universities: Purdue, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin; and Kansas State, Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State universities.

To order or learn more about WeedSOFT, visit the WeedSOFT Web site at The site contains a printable order form.   

Mail orders should be sent to WeedSOFT, P.O. Box 830915, Lincoln, NE 68583-0915. Orders also can be placed online at the WeedSOFT Web site.