Compare Competitive Seed Varieties Side-By-Side

Demonstration plots showcase new seed hybrids and varieties, crop protection and fertilizer applications.

Published on: Aug 21, 2006

Farmers interested in comparing competitive seed varieties will have a chance to view seed variety plots at the Farm Progress Show. Demonstration plots showcase new seed hybrids and varieties, crop protection and fertilizer applications. Plots were planted in late April and early May at the site of the 2006 Farm Progress Show.

"We used a new system for planting seed plots this year," notes Mark Lovig, show site operations manager. "In the past we had all participating companies show up on one day to plant all the plots. This year, we advised participants when conditions were right for planting and they made an appointment with me to plant their plot," he explains.

This change allows companies more freedom to show the product they want to demonstrate. Companies now can change population rates, planting timing, insecticide applications and row spacing. Previously, these conditions were fixed by having one planting day for all participating companies.

These plots are designed to give show visitors an opportunity to compare varieties of corn and soybeans from a number of companies planted side-by-side under the same growing conditions. While some companies are showcasing the latest seed variety, others are demonstrating new advances in crop protection or fertilizer applications.

The area now being used for the demonstration plots had been established sod. The plot area was deep ripped last fall and disked twice this spring. A Landoll 9800 field cultivator was the final tool used to prepare the soil this spring. A small amount of fertilizer, along with preplant Dual Herbicide, was applied to the entire test plot area. Further herbicide and insecticide treatments will be the responsibility of each participating company.

The seed variety plots are on the north end of the exhibit field within the exhibit field fence. Seed Row companies participating in demonstration plots will have be able to showcase their varieties in demonstration plots directly behind their exhibit. Each plot size will vary according to exhibit size. Exhibiting companies will be sure to identify varieties they are showcasing within their plots.

Twenty-one companies on the site

Representatives from 21 companies planted their plots using a 12-row planter supplied by Kinze Mfg., Williamsburg, Iowa. An MX215 tractor supplied by Case IH provided the power.

Companies participating include: AgGrowth Products, Amana Seeds, Conklin Agrovantage, Crow's Hybrid Corn Co., Dyna-Gro Seeds (UAP), Fontanelle Hybrids Inc., Garst Seed Co., Gold Country Seed, Golden Harvest, IPSA, Gowan Company, Latham Seed Company, LG Seeds, Mark Seed Company, Merschman Seeds, Midwest Seed Genetics, NC+, NK Brand Seeds, Rainbow Seeds, SO-IL Service and Trelay Seed Co.