Clemson Boosts Forage and Pasture Production Expertise

University obtains new forage extension specialist. Compiled by staff

Published on: Mar 6, 2006

For some time Clemson's Department of Entomology, Soils and Plants has been notably short a pasture specialist. No longer. John Andrae is a well known forage and pasture expert who comes from University of Georgia in Athens to boost Clemson's department in several subject areas.

On Feb 28 Andrae was lecturing in Conway S.C. on pasture and forage production and giving local livestock producers in the area an opportunity to get to know him.

"I've been at the University of Georgia for the past five years as a forage extension specialist," Andrae says, "until Clemson stole me away in January. I have a statewide responsibility - 70% extension, 30% applied research - all on forage and forage management. We'll do a little beef grazing work as well, along with the animal science department."

In addition to his knowledge of grazing and pasture management, Andrae has skills in a number of additional related areas, including expertise in the use of legumes such as clover and alfalfa to boost livestock nutrition resources. He also has acknowledged expertise on tall fescue toxicosis.

Raised on a farm in Winters, Texas, Andrae received his B.S. degree from Texas A&M University, his masters from Oklahoma State University and his doctorate from the University of Idaho.

Clemson is benefiting in a number of ways by association with the Andrae family. Andrae's wife is Susan Duckett, a nationally-known animal nutrition expert, who is also newly hired by Clemson. She is the new holder of the Corley Endowed Chair in Animal Sciences.

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