Circle Feb. 25-27 For New York Farm Show

10 solid reasons why NYFS is a "must-go-to" event

Published on: Dec 21, 2009

Make plans now to attend the 2010 New York Farm Show at Syracuse. This 25th annual event is the East's largest exposition to bring together crop and dairy farming plus forestry technologies on this scale.

"It's the Northeast's mecca of ag technology," says NYFS Manager Scott Grigor. And it all comes together at the state fairgrounds on Syracuse's western edge. Here are 10 solid reasons for taking in the show:

  • Need to replace dairy barn equipment? You'll find no greater selection in the Northeast of everything from buildings, parlors, robotics, flooring or free stall equipment.
  • Want to check out new tractors? All major and minor brands will be on site, and in most sizes.
  • Shopping for new seed corn, soybean or forage brands? There's no better place to find new companies and to learn what's available.
  • Looking for a new planter, drill or variable-rate technology? It'll all be on display in the five-heated buildings.
  • Thinking about upgrading your hay and forage handling or processing equipment? You'll find the latest efficiency-boosting technology under these roofs.

TOP AG SPOT: You'll find all the newest and best for Northeast agriculture at the 2010 New York Farm Show.

  • Want to compare total mixed ration equipment, mixers or manure spreaders? There's no better place to size them up.
  • Maybe you need a new energy-efficient, outdoor boiler/furnace or wood stove? Most brands will be on hand for you to scrutinize and dicker over.
  • Maybe you just want to admire shiny paint on old iron. This show has a whole, huge room full.
  • If you're a farm toy enthusiast, there's another huge room dedicated to new, collector and antique toys, as well as parts for your old worn or busted keepsakes.
  • Daily mini-seminars cover need to know issues on beef, forestry and natural gas leasing. You'll find them in the Dairy Building and in the Arts and Home Center.

The show is open to the public Thursday, Feb. 25, through Saturday, Feb. 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the New York State Fair Grounds in Syracuse. Admission is $5; children under 18 are admitted free.

Complimentary free admission tickets are available at most local Northeast farm equipment dealerships. Or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Scott Grigor, New York Farm Show Tickets, P.O. Box 3470, Syracuse, NY 13220.

New York Farm Show is sponsored by the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association and American Agriculturist magazine.