CHS to Process VISTIVE Low-Linolenic Soybeans

Monsanto soybean variety provides a trans fat solution to the food industry. Compiled by staff

Published on: Aug 15, 2005

CHS will be a participating processor of Monsanto’s VISTIVE low-linolenic soybeans in 2006 and will market VISTIVE oil for use by the food industry, according to a release from Monsanto.

VISTIVE low-linolenic soybeans will reduce or eliminate the need for partial hydrogenation of soybean oil, helping food companies reduce the presence of trans fatty acids (trans fats) in their products.

For the 2006 growing season, CHS will be contracting with growers in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa for up to 40,000 acres of VISTIVE soybean production. CHS will pay a premium for contracted VISTIVE soybeans, and then it will crush and sell the processed soybean oil to food company customers.

VISTIVE soybeans, developed through conventional breeding, contain less than 3% linolenic acid as compared to the typical 8% level found in traditional soybeans. The result is a more stable soybean oil, with less need for hydrogenation. Because soybeans with a lower linolenic acid level reduce the need for partial hydrogenation, their application in processed soybean oils will reduce the presence of trans fats in processed soybean oil.

The development of VISTIVE is significant because, beginning Jan. 1, 2006, all food products and dietary supplements bearing a nutritional facts panel that are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and sold in the United States will be required to list trans fat content.

"This is an innovative business solution for our food-grade oils customers," says Jay Debertin, Executive Vice President, CHS Processing. "But it is also an excellent example of creating a new market value for soybeans, which is what today’s producers are looking for. CHS is excited to participate in a program that helps move soybeans higher up the value chain in today’s market."

"We contracted all available VISTIVE soybeans in 2005, so we know that this product is in demand. We are very pleased to partner with an industry leader like CHS to ensure a successful expansion of VISTIVE soybeans in 2006," says Kerry Preete, Vice President of U.S. Crop Production for Monsanto. "VISTIVE not only supports growing consumer demand for healthier foods, but also represents an important investment in the future success of the U.S. soybean industry."

Monsanto expects that VISTIVE soybeans will be grown on nearly 500,000 acres in 2006. VISTIVE soybeans have the Roundup Ready trait and maintain performance parity with leading soybean varieties. For 2006, VISTIVE will be available in Monsanto’s Asgrow brand, as well as Stine, Prairie Brand Seed. Latham Seed, Kruger Seed Company, Croplan Genetics, FS HiSOY, LG Seeds, Producers Hybrids, Midwest Seed Genetics, Crow's and NC+ seed brands.

CHS will process contracted VISTIVE soybeans at its plant in Fairmont, Minnesota.