Check Out Syngenta's Pest Patrol Hotline

Farmers in the Mid-South can check out a toll-free Pest Patrol sponsored by Syngenta.

Published on: May 21, 2012

An mild-winter jump started the growing season put bugs into high gear and caused entomologists to issue warnings about the possibility of a bad year for bugs.

Whether the warmest March on record will mean an earlier-than-usual and  larger-than-usual bug problems, farmers in the Mid-South can check out a toll-free Pest Patrol sponsored by Syngenta.

The hotline is located at 1-877-285-8525.

To register for the Pest Patrol, visit website to register to receive text message alerts.

Check Out Sygentas Pest Patrol Hotline
Check Out Sygenta's Pest Patrol Hotline

Call the toll-free number and you can listen to archived audio files from all Pest Patrol updates. Information is also included regarding Syngenta's insecticides.


The hotline gives scouts the advantage over bugs. Land grant university Extension entomologists point out the importance scouting every year in order to know the insect populations before spraying. Such a practice also helps reduces the risk of resistance to insecticides.

The Pest Patrol hotline in its third season provides text message alerts and a Website to provide growers and consultants with recorded updates about pest pressures, treatment recommendations and field conditions.

John Koenig, Sygenta insecticide asset lead, says the Pest Patrol hotline adds five new entomologists to the program. The program has also expanded into Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota.

The panelists from the Mid-South include:

David Kerns, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas.

Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University.

Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee.

Ron Smith, Auburn University.

In the Southeast:

Jeremy Greene, Clemson University.

Ames Herbert, Virginia Tech University.

Jack Bacheler, N. C. State University.

Phillip Roberts, University of Georgia.

In the Southwest:

Clyde Crumley, Texas A&M University.

Chris Sansone, Texas A&M University.

Monti Vandiver, Texas A&M University.