Changes Allowed in Grain Hauling Rules During Harvest

Some truck weights can exceed maximum limits. Compiled by staff

Published on: Oct 4, 2005

Nebraska officials remind farmers of changes made for seasonal harvesting permits. Farmers need additional flexibility during harvesting, says Gov. Dave Heineman. 

"While the paperwork for permits has been eliminated, Nebraska remains committed to the continued safety of heavy grain load hauling," he adds.

During harvest season, Nebraska law allows harvesters to haul grain and other seasonally harvested products to storage, market or stockpile without a permit. Those loads can travel up to 70 miles from their point of origin and are allowed to exceed the maximum legal weight limit by 15% on any tandem-axle or multiple-axle vehicle. 

For example, a tandem-axle farm truck's legal maximum load is 34,000 lbs. Harvesters this time of year may exceed that load limit to 39,100 lbs. A triple-axle farm truck that is normally allowed to carry 42,000 lbs. can temporarily carry up to 48,300 lbs.

Heineman also reminds the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) of the additional flexibility in state law for producers during the harvest season. NSP Carrier Enforcement monitors grain transportation and requires the owners of harvested goods to provide drivers with a signed statement of product origin and destination. Interstate travel is not allowed.

State law changes for seasonal harvest permits became effective in July 2000. In the past, farmers had to purchase permits through the Nebraska Department of Roads and were required to provide a detailed list of their grain hauling destinations.