Cellulosic Ethanol Is Another Step Closer

Project Liberty will start up in 2014 and the company is looking to license its system to other ethanol plants.

Published on: Jun 17, 2013

The day when you might be selling more than corn to a corn ethanol plant is a step closer.

POET-DSM, Sioux Falls, S.D., announced at the Few Ethanol Workshop last week that its cellulosic ethanol plant at Emmetsburg, Iowa, is on schedule to start up in early 2014. The company will be making ethanol out of the corn cob, husks, leaves and some of the stalk.

Construction of the biomass receiving and grinding building, which will process an average of 770 tons of biomass per day of operation, is nearly complete and workers are finishing concrete work inside. Fermentation and saccharification tank foundations are complete and the tanks are being erected. The facility's warehouse building, scale and the 22-acre biomass stackyard is complete.

Construction of POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels first commercial cellulosic bio-ethanol plant is on schedule to start up in early 2014.
Construction of POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels' first commercial cellulosic bio-ethanol plant is on schedule to start up in early 2014.

Next steps in construction include the erection of tanks, concrete, plumbing, and underground electrical as well as installation of equipment.

Farmers in the Emmetsburg area in the process of signing up to deliver an expected 120,000 tons of biomass bales to the plant this fall.

While previous harvests have primarily been used to streamline the collection and handling process at the site, biomass collected this year will be used by to produce commercial cellulosic ethanol.

POET-DSM hopes to bring its biomass technology to an ethanol plant near you soon.

 "With Project Liberty well on its way to full operation, POET-DSM is now reaching out to other grain ethanol producers to start laying the groundwork for future commercial cellulosic ethanol sites," says Steve Hartig, General Manager, Licensing for POET-DSM. "This technology is going to add a new dimension to what producers are doing today."

More information, see www.poetdsm.com