Cattlemen's Advisory Group Reviews Proposed Trich Rule

Industry leaders discuss animal health and trich rule.

Published on: Sep 30, 2013

A group of industry leaders reviewed the Missouri Department of Agriculture's proposed changes regarding the cattle disease, Trichomoniasis, or Trich.

The Missouri Cattlemen's Association (MCA) formed the group to review the changes published Sept. 3. According to MCA President Chuck Massengill, the "Trich Expert Advisory Group" was established to ensure any changes to regulations for Trich were vetted with leaders from all segments of the beef cattle industry.

A group of ten industry leaders, reviewed MDAs proposed changes regarding Trichomoniasis published September 3.
A group of ten industry leaders, reviewed MDA's proposed changes regarding Trichomoniasis published September 3.

"To my knowledge, no one from the industry was involved in writing these regulations for Trich when the rule originated two years ago," he said in a news release last week. "It is paramount that we have those impacted by regulations involved early in the development of rules to prevent any unintended consequences down the road."

Massengill, who is a veterinarian, said that the group assembled represented "some of the best minds in the business." He explained that they were looking at all aspects of this rule and identifying the best ways to minimize unnecessary burdens on the industry, while also working towards significantly suppressing this disease in our state.

Important to consider those affected by regulation

The working group was comprised of 10 industry leaders, including former MDA State Veterinarian Taylor Woods. Woods said when drafting regulations you have to listen to those who will be impacted by the regulation.

"In order for animal health regulations to achieve the intended goals, you absolutely have to have everyone on board," Woods said. "Cattlemen have to be involved because the success of regulations intended to eliminate threats of animal disease ultimately depend on producers."

The proposed rule changes are a result of MCA and other commodity groups asking for changes to the current regulation regarding Trich. Massengill said he appreciates MDA bringing forward changes and allowing the industry to comment.

"The proposed changes are a good start but miss the mark in terms of reducing financial burdens on cattlemen," Massengill said. "We certainly hope MDA will listen to the industry and make modifications to their proposed changes. We are all in this together.

Comments to the proposed changes must be submitted by Oct. 3. Anyone may file a statement in support or opposition to the proposed Trich rule. It must be submitted to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Linda  Hickman,  DVM,  State Veterinarian, PO Box 630, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Members of MCA are encouraged to leave comments at MCA. For changes made by the working group click here.

Source: Missouri Cattlemen's Association