Cattle Learning Center Enhances Online Features

NCF and Pfizer Animal Health join forces to provide Web learning facility for cattle producers.

Published on: Feb 7, 2006

The National Cattlemen's Foundation and Pfizer Animal Health's Cattle Learning Center will include even more educational tools producers can use at home.

The Web site,, will serve as a true web-learning facility. Its updates and improvements include educational tools such as self-paced teaching modules that allow the user to work step-by-step through timely topics such as beef reproduction. The modules provide detailed illustrations, quizzes, videos and interactive calculators.

For educators, other material to host learning sessions will be available, such as:

  • Teaching kits with easy-to-use PowerPoints
  • Learning guides
  • Other educational materials and templates

"With the rapid industry changes we face on a daily business, this is paramount for producers who want to improve management practices, while increasing consumer confidence in U.S. processes to provide healthy, safe and wholesome products for consumers," says John Queens, vice president of the NCBA.

"Now, more than ever, it is vital that the livestock industry remains strong," says Julian Garcia, director of distribution for Pfizer Animal Health. "By helping producers with educational opportunities encompassing all aspects of production and management, the industry will continue to provide consumers with quality beef and dairy products."