Case IH Launches On-the-Go Module Builder

New cotton picker builds modules while harvesting.

Published on: Oct 10, 2006

Case IH launched an innovation that takes the step of separate module builders and boll buggies out of the equation.

Case IH last week unveiled the first commercial cotton picker with the ability to build modules while harvesting.

The commercial launch occurred at Pertshire Farms, owned by Kenneth Hood and his brothers.

The Case IH 625 builds modules on the go, requiring only one operation for both harvesting and module building. It builds modules half the size of the current ones - 8-foot tall by 8-foot wide by 16-foot long, says Trent Haggard, Case IH director of global marketing for the cotton industry.

The Case IH Module Express began as a collaboration with growers and ginners. "We've changed for the better the way cotton will be handled from picker to gin," Haggard says.

The models will be available for the next season. Case IH did not release the price of the innovation.