Campbells Make Milk and Memories

A family history in the dairy business and pride in the tradition of providing wholesome food turns dairyman into advocate for agriculture

Published on: Jul 9, 2010

A family history in the milk business has literally given Carrol Campbell a bucket to stand on. He might even say it's a soapbox but what Campbell hopes to accomplish from working in the dairy industry all these years is to dispel misconceptions about production agriculture and convince non-farm folks that milk, meat and conventional crops are produced using safe, wholesome, Earth-friendly methods.

The following photos depict a day in the life of Campbell Farms where Carrol, his son, Nathan Campbell, and son-in-law, Scott Lowe, manage a dairy and diversified farm just north of Winfield. Nathan is in charge of the 250-cow operation while Scott manages 2,000 acres of wheat, alfalfa, soybeans, corn and grain sorghum.

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