BPI Worker Files Suit Against ABC Over LFTB Debacle

Worker says misleading 'pink slime' label cost him his job

Published on: Dec 12, 2012

Just a few months after Beef Products, Inc., a lead producer of lean finely textured beef, filed a disinformation suit against ABC for labeling the product 'pink slime,' a BPI employee has announced a suit against many of the same people named in BPI's filing, claiming the 'pink slime' title cost him his job.

Former BPI worker Bruce Smith named ABC News, Inc. and reporters Jim Avila, Diane Sawyer among the defendants in the case, as well as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and blogger Bettina Siegel.

Smith, who will represent himself in the case, is suing for $70,000 in general damages.

According to the filing provided by the Sioux City Journal, Smith claims the defendants in the case "engaged in negligent, willful, and reckless behavior targeted against BPI resulting in the temporary and permanent closure of BPI food manufacturing plants and directly causing the permanent loss of 750 BPI employee jobs."

Worker says misleading pink slime label cost him his job. (BPI photo)
Worker says misleading 'pink slime' label cost him his job. (BPI photo)

SCJ reports that Smith served as an environmental health and safety officer with BPI for 4 ½ years, and was just one of 90 corporate employees that were terminated in May.

Smith has also released a book about his experience titled "How Pink Slime Ate My Job."