Biofuels Financial Conference to Focus on Financial State of Ethanol Industry

Various leaders discuss financial future of ethanol.

Published on: Jun 4, 2009

The 5th Annual Biofuels Financial Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. June 24-25 will focus on the financial challenges and opportunities for the biofuels industry. The question, "what is the ethanol industry's financial future," will be asked and answered by three U.S. ethanol organizations. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis, Executive Director of the American Coalition for Ethanol Brian Jennings and Vice President of Industry Relations for the Renewable Fuels Association Jim Redding will discuss how the current financial landscape is affecting the ethanol industry now and in the future.


The event is sponsored by Christianson and Associates, PLLP, certified public accountants and consultants for the industry. According to John Christianson participants will be educated on the current financial challenges and opportunities facing the industry and learn how to more effectively manage business during rough financial times. He notes this is a challenging time for the industry and all must learn how to manage in times of volatility.


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