Big Green Launches 2014 Line-up

New from John Deere: 7R and 8R tractors, two new sprayers, a bigger windrower, combine tracks...oh my.

Published on: Aug 22, 2013

Super sprayers
John Deere is turning up the heat in the 800-gallon and 1,000-gallon sprayer market with two new machines - the R4030 and R4038.

The R4030 is an 800-gallon machine with a wide range of feature enhancements over the 4730 it replaces with power coming from a new final Tier 4 6.8-liter engine delivering 280-hp. The R4038 has a 9-liter final Tier 4 engine with 310-hp and replaces the 4830.

There's a new Command View II Cab and integrated GreenStar 3 display. There's also a drybox option that'll carry 200 cu. ft. of material - which can be separated into two hoppers - and provide a spread pattern up to 105-feet wide.

The sprayers get a new loading station and an integrated injection system both designed to enhance uptime for the sprayers. They've even redesigned the daily maintenance needs to cut 15-minutes off that routine.

There's a new bigger boom option - for the first time in this class the 800- and 1,000-gallon sprayers can have a 120-foot boom. There are three choices - 120-feet with 11 section valves, 100-feet with 9 section valves and 90-feet with 7 section valves. The more valves the more precise row-shutoff spraying can be.

Pricing for the R4030 is $315,000 base price; for the R4038 base price is $350,000.

New bigger windrower
The new W235 Windrower comes in a Rotary or Draper model and features a new 235-hp final Tier 4 engine for best performance. The cab is now the same as on the S Series Combines making it easier for operators to move from machine to machine.

Airflow  has been changed to keep chaff out of the engine, and integrated AutoTrac auto-steering comes standard. This can boost productivity significantly for many operators. And the machine is designed to run faster so it'll cover more acres in a day. In fact with the bigger 6.8-liter engine and AutoTrac a user - in some situations - could operate as speeds as high as 17 mph.

This is a short rundown of the new equipment line. You can learn more by visiting