Big Green Launches 2014 Line-up

New from John Deere: 7R and 8R tractors, two new sprayers, a bigger windrower, combine tracks...oh my.

Published on: Aug 22, 2013

Going bigger
The new 8R series, which media only got a glimpse of during an event in Columbus, Ohio, this week, will include 6 models of wheeled tractors and 3 tracked machines. The across-the-range horsepower bump from 2013 to the 2014 models will be about 10 hp per model. With Intelligent Power Management the top end 8370R will hit 405 hp. And new for 2014, Group 49 rear tires are available on all wheeled models as an option.

Here's a rundown of the line including engine hp, PTO hp and transmission choices:
8245R - 245 engine hp, 200 PTO hp, 16-Sp. powershift transmission (PST) or IVT
8270R - 270 engine hp, 225 PTO hp, 16-Sp. PST or IVT
8295R - 295 engine hp, 247 PTO hp, 16-Sp. PST or IVT
8320R - 320 engine hp, 269 PTO hp, 16-Sp. PST or IVT
8345R - 345 engine hp, 291 PTO hp, IVT only
8370R - 370 engine hp, 313 PTO hp, IVT only
8320RT - 320 engine hp, 264 PTO hp, IVT only
8345RT - 345 engine hp, 286 PTO hp, IVT only
8370RT - 370 engine hp, 308 PTO hp, IVT only

We'll have more when we can see the machine, production starts early next year.

Combines on tracks
A lot of interest has been shown - around the Web - on the track option for the new S series combines. The three biggest models - S670, S680 and S690 can be outfitted with the new 36-inch-wide track option. The Deere branded tracks can pull you through mud if needed.

The tracks can be ordered as a factory installed option, or you can get them from the dealer. The company reports it takes about 6 hours to swap tracks for tires - at least the first time - and may be an option. The tracks provide a similar turning radius that you'd find for a combine that was outfitted with front duals.

In addition the new combines include an interesting onboard feature -Interactive Combine Adjustment. Deere has offered Automatic Combine Adjustment in the past where the operator could choose setup from a range of crops built into the system. With this new ICA system, the user has an interactive system that goes through a series of steps to make sure the combine is set for that crop in that field more easily. That helps with combine uptime and productivity. There's also Engine Speed Management for more efficiency.

And there's a new S650 combine in the line as well. While there was talk of dropping a Class 5 combine from the line at one point, customer demand has Deere keeping this size combine in the line. It can be outfitted with a 6-row corn head and will be available for producers in 2014.