'Big Ag' Is Focus Of October 24 Boston Food Dialogue

Oct. 24 Boston Food Dialogue convenes farmers, ranchers and food pundits on farm size, food quality, environmental stewardship and animal care.

Published on: Oct 16, 2013

Many factors influence food-purchasing decisions, including methods used to grow and raise food. Consumers are increasingly hearing they should be concerned about larger farms. They may be making purchasing decisions without understanding how food is grown and raised on farms of any size.

That's why, on Thursday, Oct. 24, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance will host its next Food Dialogues event in Bean Town. On the menu for open discussion will be the differences, and similarities, between large and small farms. And it'll be streamed live online at www.fooddialogues.com.

Timed to Food Day, the Boston event addresses "Does Farm Size Really Matter? From environmental stewardship to animal care, are small and big farms that different?" A panel of farmers, ranchers and food pundits will explore farm size and ownership and will address recent attacks on industrial agriculture and food production. Panel participants will be asked to address questions such as:

Big Ag" Is Focus Of October 24 Boston Food Dialogue
'Big Ag" Is Focus Of October 24 Boston Food Dialogue
  • What's a factory farm? 
  • Is it fair to call any farm or ranch a factory farm?
  • How do standards and regulations differ on small or big farms and ranches? 
  • Who runs big farms? 
  • Are family farms still thriving in America?
  • Is entertainment and creative advertising attacks on large-scale, production agriculture a new take on marketing smaller, niche brands and companies?

USFRA plans to invite farmers – big and small – advocates and consumer brands to the conversation.  Chipotle, the company that recently ignited attention on this topic with its new animated film and video game concepts, is invited to participate in the panel.

For more information on this event, including how to register, visit www.fooddialogues.com. The Food Dialogues events are designed to bring together farmers, ranchers, industry experts, pundits, media and consumers for dynamic panel discussions on some of today's most pressing topics related to food and food production. Content from previous panel discussions can be found at the website.  Follow USFRA on Twitter @USFRA using #FoodD or on its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/usfarmersandranchers.