Better Than 'Armstrong' Power Steering

Turning Assist automates lock-to-lock wheel spinning for loader operators.

Published on: Feb 10, 2006

Case IH engineers will make a hit in 2006 with new MXU Series tractor operators who spend a lot of time loading.

For just under $1,200 you now can order a Case IH MXU tractor with "turning assist." The feature allows the operator to fully turn the front wheels right or left with only a 10-degree turn of the wheel and the press of what looks like the horn ring on a 1960s vintage automobile built into the steering wheel.

TURNING ASSIST:  What looks like the horn ring of a 1960s automobile built into the steering wheel of Case IH's new MXU model tractors actually is the trigger for a new turn assist feature. With a 10-degree turn of the wheel and the press of the ring, the wheels automatically turn completely to their locks - especially handy for repetitive loading operations.

For safety, the turning assist only works below 6.2 miles per hour, but at slow speeds used in repetitive loading operations it can save countless turns of the steering wheel lock-to-lock. The system has to be activated by a separate switch located behind the operator's seat.

At Case IH's Big Red Roundup product demonstration for 2006 in Phoenix recently, the turning assist feature showed the hydraulics of the MXU could move the wheels effortlessly much faster and with much less strain than regular power steering alone.

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