Belt Conveyor Seed Tote Introduced

Crustbuster/Speed King launch new 'seed friendly' system that can handle two bulk boxes at a time.

Published on: Jan 27, 2014

The Seed Tote from Crustbuster/Speed King offers a handy way to take two bulk boxes to the field for keeping up with those bigger planters. This unit can now be fitted with an optional telescoping conveyor, and standard rubber-lined spout. The 2-box Seet Tote with a 12-ft., 3-piece telescoping downspout also has 180-degrees of horizontal travel so it can easily fill a 40-ft. planter.

A key feature of this new Seed Tote is the use of a Speed King belt system to move seed from bulk box to planter. The belt design is easy on the seed and the 2-Box Seed Tote uses a crescent belt that carries seed easily. Belt speeds are preset to avoid impact damage and can discharge up to 900-pounds per minute.

BELT DRIVEN: New 2-box Seed Tote from Crustbuster/Speed King offers easy seed handling.
BELT DRIVEN: New 2-box Seed Tote from Crustbuster/Speed King offers easy seed handling.

The systems design helps avoid cross contamination too because the belt system can perform a 100% cleanout of seed varieties. The updated frame allows for easier box loading or unloading from the rear with access to seed box gates and sliding bar hold-downs. The totes are made for easy transport from seed dealer to field site. The company also offers a 4-box Seed Tote and seed tenders in 160, 240 and 330 bushel capacities for various options.

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