Beef Verification Solution Provides New Animal ID System

Agriculture Solutions tool fulfills consumer meat traceability expectations.

Published on: Jan 9, 2006

Excitement is building among livestock producers across the country about a new animal identification tool from Agriculture Solutions, a division of Kansas Farm Bureau, that will allow them to fulfill consumer meat traceability expectations and get a head start on animal identification compliance.

Showcased during a seminar at the American Farm Bureau Federation annual convention, the new Beef Verification Solution,, offers customized information management solutions that enable beef producers to collect individual animal information, connect to other segments of the livestock industry, comply with regulatory identification programs and improve their livestock operations.

"Our goal is to connect farmers and ranchers with the transition to a national animal identification system," says Mark Nelson, an Agriculture Solutions economist who helped design the Beef Verification Solution. "From the producer's perspective, you kill two birds with one stone. The Beef Verification Solution will allow producers to get a head start on regulatory compliance and fulfill all-important consumer demands."

According to Nelson, Beef Verification Solution allows producers to improve the daily management of their livestock operation through better information and analysis. He told livestock producers they can use the new system to enhance herd management through source verification and maximize the value of animal genetics.

"With Beef Verification Solution, producers can hand-select cattle from their herd and sell them as a group based on live and carcass traits," Nelson says. "Beef Verification Solution places this performance information at the producers' fingertips. The ability to package similar animals into pens or groups could bring a premium at the sale barn, not just market price." 

As the USDA's National Animal Identification System evolves, Nelson says Beef Verification Solution will be flexible enough to adapt. Likewise, as the marketplace demands animal traceability to satisfy consumer demands, Beef Verification Solution will position livestock producers to take advantage of new market opportunities. The Beef Verification Solution system also will offer services for multiple animal species as those needs evolve. 

Agriculture Solutions, a division of Kansas Farm Bureau, is dedicated to developing programs and services that enable farmer and rancher members to better manage income from their operations.