Beef, Pork Exports Enjoy Strong November

Red meats post strong gains in November, but Russian rules continue to put damper on market access

Published on: Jan 9, 2014

The top-performing beef export markets in November were Japan, up 74% in volume and valued at $101.2 million; Mexico, up more than 62% in volume and valued at $82.9 million; Hong Kong, up 112% in volume and valued at $98.1 million; and the ASEAN region, up 22% in volume and valued at $14.1 million, led by a recovery of exports to Indonesia.

Japan is the top volume and value market for U.S. beef exports, totaling 219,081 mt (up 52%) valued at $1.3 billion (up 34%) for the year. Mexico is the No. 2 volume market for U.S. beef for the year, totaling 191,984 mt (up 8%) valued at $819.9 million (up 8%).

November pork exports

U.S. pork exports equated to 26% of total pork production and 22% of muscle cuts versus 26.8 and 23%, respectively, last year.

The export value per head was $57.07 for pork in November, an increase of $1.09 versus last year.

The top-performing export markets for U.S. pork for the month were Mexico, up 16% and valued at $124.3 million; Central/South America, up 58% and valued at $42.2 million; Hong Kong, up 35% in volume; ASEAN, up 25% in volume and valued at $12.4 million; and the Caribbean, up 18% and valued at $11.2 million.

Exports are on pace to set another annual record and Mexico remains the top volume market for U.S. pork, trailing only Japan in value

Japan, the No. 1 export market for U.S. pork, continued to trail 2012 levels, down 2% in volume and 7% in value for the month, with 11-month totals at 390,388 mt valued at $1.7 billion.

Based on Japanese import data, smaller volumes of frozen pork from the U.S. have not been fully offset by growth in chilled pork and ground seasoned pork.

Complete export results are available on the USMEF statistics webpage.