Beef Exports Strong In August, Pork Stable

Export data compiled by USMEF shows strong performance in beef markets while pork remained relatively steady

Published on: Oct 28, 2013

Top pork markets

Mexico and Japan remain the top two markets for U.S. pork exports in 2013. Coming off double-digit increases in each of the past four months, exports to Mexico, the top volume market, slowed slightly in August, but volume remains up 1% for the year at 396,605 metric tons and value is up 3% to $747.5 million.

Top value market Japan dipped 14% in volume and 10% in value in August. Totals for 2013 stand at 284,970 metric tons valued at $1.26 billion, down 7% and 6%, respectively.

A rebound in exports to China/Hong Kong in August (up 28.7% in volume to 39,202 metric tons valued at $83.2 million, a 37.5% increase) helped bring year-to-date totals to 278,253 metric tons valued at $592.1 million, up 4%.

Central/South America also proved to be a top-performing pork market, up 26% in volume and 27% in value. The ASEAN region was up 38% in volume and 55% in value, factoring in Singapore's 175% increase in volume and 263% jump in value and the Philippines'18% in volume bump.

Top beef markets

The top three export markets for U.S. beef all performed well in August. Japan showed a 36.5% hike in volume and 13.3% jump in value. For the year, U.S. exports to Japan are up 53% in volume and 38% in value.

Totals for Mexico in August rose 11.2% in volume: 20,208 metric tons valued at $88.9 million, a 24% jump, which helped year-to-date totals that are down 7% in volume and 5% in value.

Exports to Canada continued their positive trend, up 9.3% in volume and 7.6% in value. Yearly totals are up 8% in volume and 12% in value.

Other top-performing beef markets in August included Hong Kong, up 67% in volume and 142% in value;  South Korea, up 35.8% in value on slightly lower volume of 7,646 metric tons; Taiwan, up 578% in volume and 684% in value; and Central/South America, up 13% in volume and 24% in value, led by strong growth to Chile.

Lamb exports down in August, remain up for year

For the year, U.S. lamb exports remain up 3% in volume (8,956 metric tons) and 13% in value ($19.6 million) despite a sluggish August. For the month, exports slipped 45% in volume (779 metric tons) and 29.7% in value ($1.9 million). Top international markets Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean all posted double-digit declines.

Source: USMEF