Beef Checkoff Wants a Food Fight

Producers encouraged to tell their story and fight disinformation.

Published on: Nov 18, 2009

The Beef Checkoff's issues and reputation management team is holding a food fight the week before Thanksgiving. It's designed to activate beef producers and dairy farmers to speak up and help Americans realize what they have to be thankful for as they prepare for the Thanksgiving holidays.


"With all the negative press that has been out there recently we had producers basically asking us how can we get involved and what can we do," said Melissa Slagle, trade media manager for the Cattlemen's Beef Board. "So we are going to be flinging the facts about agriculture, not just beef in general, but just food, and trying to get our producers involved in telling their story about production and what really happens at their farm."


Along with getting beef producers and dairy farmers to speak out about American agriculture, the Checkoff's issues and reputation management team hopes to be filling social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with lots of good information about producers and the food they raise and we eat.


"On the other side of that is the consumer side; we're giving them a chance to say thank you," Slagle said. "It's Thanksgiving; it's the holiday season when a lot of people come together and have an abundance of food and so we want consumers to be able to say thank you for where that food comes from. They can go to and leave a message and be entered to win an Omaha steak gift basket."


Joining the fight is cowboy poet, humorist and beef producer Baxter Black who has voiced a public service announcement. To hear his PSA, click the audio player above.