Beef Board Seats New Members

The Cattlemen's Beef Board seated new Board members during its orientation meeting April 7, 2010, in Denver, Colo.

Published on: Apr 7, 2010

After being appointed by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in March, a total of 36 Board members – including 31 new members and 5 existing members who were appointed to a second term – were seated for service on the Beef Board after taking the oath of office from USDA representative Craig Shackelford during a CBB meeting.

New members seated and the states they represent include:  Barbara S. Jackson, Arizona; Willem Bylsma, California; Darrel C. Sweet, California; Dean A. Black, Iowa; Daniel P. Herrmann, Kansas; Larry M. Oltjen, Kansas; Genevieve D. Lyons, Louisiana; Andrew B. Salinas, Michigan; David M. McCormick, Mississippi; Kevin H. Frankenbach, Missouri; Judith A. Reece, Nebraska; Annalyn Settelmeyer, Nevada; Tamara A. Ogilvie, New Mexico; Ernest B. Harris, North Carolina; Thomas A. Woods, Oklahoma; James C. Kesler, South Carolina; Danni K. Beer, South Dakota; Linda J. Gilbert, South Dakota; Larry B. Pratt, Texas; Andrea W. Reed, Texas; D. Rudolph Tate, Texas; Bruce D. Dopslauf, Texas; Laurie L. Munns, Utah; Jane E. Clifford, Vermont; Larry D. Echols, West Virginia; Martin A. Andersen, Wisconsin; Randall A. Geiger, Wisconsin; Spencer A. Ellis, Wyoming; Alberto J. Senosiain, Importer; Andrew Banchi, Importer; and Scott A. Hansen, Importer.

Reappointments and the states they represent include: Wayne Buck, Colorado; Jeff Clausen, Iowa; John Schafer, Minnesota; Kristy Lage, Nebraska; and Rob Reviere, Jr., Tennessee.

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