Bayer Introduces New Apps For 2012

Variety Selector Tool and Seed Planner will help farmers with seed management decisions.

Published on: Jan 5, 2012

Bayer CropScience is introducing two new apps for the 2012 to help farmers select varieties and plan seed management decisions.

With the Variety Selector Tool and Seed Planner, users will have seed management decision tools in two convenient apps for FiberMax and Stonevill varieties.

"At Bayer CropScience, our goal is to provide farmers with the tools they need for on-farm success, including important variety information for seed selection and planting decisions," said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for FiberMax and Stoneville. "These two multi-use apps allow us to put the most up-to-date information we have in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. These apps will give them the tools to finalize variety selection and place the right FiberMax or Stoneville variety on the right field." 

The improved Variety Selector Tool, currently on both and, is currently available as a tablet application for Android devices and the Apple iPad version is coming soon.

"Farmers, consultants and seed dealers told us they wanted to be able to use the online version of the Variety Selector Tool when they didn't have reliable internet connections," Brehmer said. "As a result, the tablet version of the Variety Selector Tool allows them to do that."

The Variety Selector Tool incorporates the knowledge that Bayer CropScience regional agronomists have gleaned from working with local growers, consultants and university Extension. The tool showcases photos of key varieties, and users can watch videos of farmers, consultants and dealers who have had success with high-performing varieties adapted for their local geography. The app will be updated periodically with additional photos, videos and variety information. 

"Users can evaluate and compare FiberMax and Stoneville varieties for a particular field or an entire farm as they prepare for the planting season based on location, herbicide trait, irrigation, soil texture and nematode pressure," Brehmer continued. "Then, by inputting seeding rates and acreage, farmers can determine more precisely the number of bags and/or bulk boxes they need. The Variety Selector Tool can be used by farmers, dealers, consultants, Bayer CropScience regional agronomists and sales representatives to evaluate varieties and determine seed needs for specific fields or entire farms."

The Seed Planner mobile app offers many of the same benefits available as the tablet version, in a streamlined package. The app currently is available through the Android Market, and will be available soon through the Apple App Store.

"For the farmer who already knows the FiberMax or Stoneville varieties he wants to plant, Seed Planner for his mobile device gives him the efficiency to make spot changes to his seeding rates and seed quantities as in-field conditions change," Brehmer said. "Planting scenarios generated by the Seed Planner can be saved or emailed." 

"Variety Selector Tool and Seed Planner users will be able to update their apps easily as new information and enhancements are made throughout the season," Brehmer added. "On-farm success stories, photos and videos will be continually added to enhance the user experience."