BASF/Monsanto Gin Seed Treatment Deal

Growers, long familiar with Headline, now can find the popular fungicide in Monsanto's Acceleron Seed Treatment.

Published on: Sep 22, 2009

BASF and Monsanto on today announced a new fungicide seed treatment for cotton containing F500, the same active ingredient found in Headline fungicide, will be part of Monsanto's Acceleron Seed Treatment combination.


The two ag powerhouses did not disclose any other details of the agreement.


Monsanto says the agreement is one more step in the company's announced goal of doubling U.S. yields in several crops by 2030.


 "Farmers are pushing for increased on-farm profit potential while looking for ways to increase productivity.  We have a target of helping U.S. corn, soybean and cotton farmers double yields by 2030," Acceleron marketing manager Tom Schaeffer says. "One component is delivering the best seed treatment system along with industry leading genetics and traits. Acceleron is our platform to provide seed treatment innovations that influence higher yield." 


BASF says the focus of the new seed treatment is to give seedlings a stronger start and a higher yield potential by controlling diseases, such as those caused by Rhizoctonia solani.


"BASF scientists are focused on bringing new active ingredients with proven disease control and other early-growth benefits to seed partners and ultimately to the grower," says BASF's Nevin McDougall, Group Vice President, North America Crop Protection division. "We know that early season crop development is a major factor to yield success."


BASF is expanding its portfolio of seed treatment offerings with the launch of F500-containing products like Stamina fungicide seed treatment, which is marketed for corn, sweet corn, wheat, barley, legumes, and rye. Several additional new seed treatments will be launched over the next year.


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