BASF Announces EPA Registration of Charter F2 Fungicide Seed Treatment

Dual-action seed treatment labeled for wheat and barley.

Published on: May 18, 2010
Charter F2 fungicide seed treatment, one of the many innovations from BASF, received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.
"Charter F2 combines the benefits of Charter fungicide seed treatment and Acquire fungicide seed treatment for convenience of use and excellent seed safety whether applied on-farm or commercially," said Chris Exton, Marketing Manager, Seed Treatments for BASF Crop Protection. "Charter F2 is a ready-to-use formulation that controls a broad spectrum of the toughest diseases to help barley and wheat seedlings get a strong start."
Vigorous, disease-free emergence is critical to getting the most out of wheat. This is especially true when the crop faces pressure from disease. Charter F2 controls many of the most common disease threats in grains, including Fusarium seed rot and seedling blight, damping-off, wheat common bunt, and wheat and barley loose smut. It also provides suppression of Rhizoctonia root rot, common root rot and dry seed decay.
Charter F2 can be mixed with Stamina fungicide seed treatment for a broader and enhanced spectrum of disease control, as well as Axcess insecticide seed treatment for insect control.
"The formulation characteristics of Charter F2 make it handle well in various types of seed treatment equipment and planters in a broad range of temperatures," Exton said. "It also results in low levels of dust off from the seed due to the built-in polymer coating."
Charter F2 fungicide seed treatment is part of a growing BASF Seed Solutions portfolio that offers outstanding protection with best seed vitality and innovative technology, thus fulfilling the needs of both farmers and seed industry partners. In addition to Charter F2, the BASF seed treatment portfolio includes: Charter fungicide seed treatment formulations for wheat and barley; Acquire fungicide seed treatment for many crops; Coronet fungicide seed treatment for certain vegetable crops; Axcess insecticide seed treatment for many crops; and Stamina fungicide seed treatment for corn, wheat and other crops.