BASF and FMC to Share Ingredients

The two companies announced several multi-year supply agreements Monday.

Published on: Dec 20, 2006

FMC Corporation and BASF announced Monday that they would grant each other access to key active ingredients for use in crop protection products.

As part of several new multi-year supply agreements, BASF will have U.S. access to zeta-cypermethrin, an insecticidal chemistry owned by FMC. In return, BASF will grant FMC access to active ingredients pendimethalin and imazethapyr.

Starting in 2007, BASF will market a new Respect insecticide based on zeta-cypermethrin, for use on a wide range of crops.

Using its new access to pendimethalin and imazethapyr, FMC will develop premix products with its own herbicide products over the next two years for use in soybeans, sunflowers and tobacco.