AutoFarm Announces Upgrade Program

Viper Pro users can upgrade to add FarmPRO DGPS or RTK steering.

Published on: Mar 16, 2009
AutoFarm is rolling out a new kit that will allow Raven Viper Pro owners who want to add GPS automatic steering to upgrade their current system to FarmPRO DGPS or RTK STeering.

This upgrade of the Raven Viper PRo will allow for hands-free steering using Wide Area Augmentation System, OmniStar XP or HP correction. Adding FarmPRO RTK will allow the higher-repeatability of real-time kinematic correction too.

Both Viper Pro-to-FarmPRO upgrades, DGPS or RTK, include the patented AutoFarm multi-antenna roof module with Logic7Dâ„¢ technology. Logic7D technology is the key to precise position and orientation for sub-inch accurate vehicle placement. It also offers unique adaptive control capabilities that calibrate to the dynamics of specific vehicles, whether sprayers and spreaders, tractors or combines.

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