ASA Says It's Time to Talk With Candidates

Producers need to educate all candidates.

Published on: Oct 12, 2010

Congress will return to Washington, D.C. on Nov. 15 for its lame duck session. Lawmakers are then expected to break for Thanksgiving, then return after for another three weeks to complete unfinished business. While only current Members of Congress will vote in any lame duck session, the American Soybean Association says it is important for producers to educate all candidates about soybean farmer policy priorities.

Unfinished business includes priorities backed by the ASA include extension of the biodiesel tax credit; estate tax legislation; passage of the South Korea Free Trade Agreement; and removal of barriers hindering trade with Cuba. ASA is urging Congress to pass legislation on these items.

The number one legislative priority for the American Soybean Association is the retroactive extension of the biodiesel tax credit for 2010 and renewal of the incentive for 2011 and beyond. The extension has been included in a tax extenders package that has failed to pass the Senate several times. ASA points out extension and renewal of the biodiesel tax credit are critical to the economic viability of the industry.