Air Quality Task Force to 'Listen' in Pennsylvania

USDA ag task force to hold 2-day hearing/meeting in Harrisburg.

Published on: Aug 21, 2006

U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Air Quality Task Force will hold a meeting Aug. 30-31 in Harrisburg, Pa. They'll discuss current issues facing agriculture and the potential impacts to air quality from ag operations. The open meeting also provides an opportunity for oral and written comments.


The meeting will be held at the Harrisburg Hilton Hotel. Speakers will be allowed up to five minutes for oral presentations.


Producers, industry experts, academics and representatives from various USDA agencies also participate on the task force, notes Merlyn Carlson, USDA's Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment. "Task force members are very interested in hearing from the public about air quality issues and innovative solutions to address them."


The task force advises the Secretary of Agriculture on ag air quality issues. Its mandate is to strengthen and coordinate USDA's air quality research efforts and identify cost-effective ways to help the agriculture industry to improve air quality and meet federal and local air quality emissions requirements.


Additional information about the task force can be found at or by contacting Diane Gelburd at NRCS at (202) 720-2587 or e-mail