Agronomist Assesses Eastern Crops

Ed Winkle with HyMark Consulting LLC in Martinsville reports that crops in the region are looking good.

Published on: Aug 10, 2006

I just returned from our latest crop tour. We have been in fields in several states from the east coast to eastern Iowa.

Overall the crop outlook on scouted fields is good. We tend to work with top producers but they are often located right beside what we might call the average producer.

Most of the corn we have been in is 200 bushel potential. You may not want to hear that unless you are the farmer who is growing it.

Most of the beans we are in have over 50 bushel potential and again you probably don't want to hear that either.

If you are located in the dry plains it is the same sickening news for the farmer who is involved with the total marketplace, not just his farm.

No-till crops look excellent. Plant health is good but there are concerns for gray leaf spot on corn where fungicides are not applied. We saw some 250 bushel potential fields in all the areas noted and very few under 180 bushel in my counts.

Fungicide is being looked at closely as we see more producers using this new product. Many don't understand its potential but are using it just because of its yield results.

Many foliar mixes are being used on soybeans to try to get soybean yield back to 2.5 to 3 to corn bushels. Many are stuck at 4 bushels of corn to one bushel of soybeans and we all wonder why.

I do think we saw more inoculated soybeans than we ever have. Nodulation was excellent to non existent.

There are many changes like this in the "new world" of agriculture that we are all grasping to understand.

Weed and insect control overall is very good so I think we have all taken the new products and technology and adapted it for better control, better plant health and higher yields resulting in potentially more profit.

Disease control is just coming on and we saw Septoria Brown Spot in every area we scouted and Grey Leaf Spot in some areas on corn.

Wheat yields were excellent in every area we scouted and many have sold 07 wheat at good prices so we expect to work with more wheat this fall, winter and next spring.

Best wishes for a good harvest or at least one you can call profitable.

You can contact Winkle at 937-685-9365.