What Ag Interests Have to Say About the 2014 Farm Bill

Conservation groups, conservatives, farm organizations all have opinions on the bill that took years to make

Published on: Feb 5, 2014

Farm Bill Conferee Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan.
"I am fine with reducing farm subsidies like the target price program, but we should have included additional reforms to the nutrition programs in a reasonable and responsible manner, but the conference principles decided on the final compromise behind closed doors.

"While we all want to provide much needed certainty to producers, the conference missed an opportunity for greater and necessary reforms to our nation’s farm programs, burdensome regulations on livestock producers, and federal nutrition programs.

"After over 3 years of deliberation and disputes over the farm bill… our producers, consumers, taxpayers, and our global trading partners, expect and deserve more than found in this conference report."

American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman
"We are particularly pleased with provisions in the 2014 farm bill to provide risk management to fruit and vegetable farmers and to support livestock farmers during disasters.

"Farm Bureau now looks forward to bringing the legislation across the finish line with the president's signature and working with USDA to get the new farm bill implemented as soon as possible."

American Soybean Association, President Ray Gaesser
"We've invested a great deal of time and energy in this bill, and the final product represents a true compromise that will benefit many crops, regions and aspects of American agriculture."

National Corn Growers Association President Martin Barbre
"It was a long time coming for a bill so important for promoting stability in farm policy while saving taxpayers money and feeding the hungry. While it’s not perfect, we’re pleased to see the bill contains many provisions we’ve been working hard for over the years."

National Milk Producers Federation, CEO Jim Mulhern
"We didn't wind up precisely where we wanted in terms of the dairy program, but the milk glass is more than half-full. The new farm bill replaces three outmoded programs intended to help farmers – but that often failed in that effort.

"In their place is a new, more modern, and more comprehensive margin protection program offering dairy producers a far better and more effective safety net."