Ag Groups Demand Renewal Of House Farm Bill Debate

More than 500 organizations across the U.S. urge Farm Bill discussion and passage.

Published on: Jul 5, 2013

A letter sign by 532 organizations across the U.S. was sent Tuesday to U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, and copied to all House representatives, requesting that the Farm Bill be brought back to the House floor as soon as possible.

The letter read as follows:

"This important legislation supports our nation's farmers, ranchers, forest owners, food security, natural resources and wildlife habitats, rural communities, and the 16 million Americans whose jobs directly depend on the agriculture industry.

"Farm bills represent a delicate balance between America's farm, nutrition, conservation, and other priorities, and accordingly require strong bipartisan support. It is vital for the House to try once again to bring together a broad coalition of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to provide certainty for farmers, rural America, the environment and our economy in general and pass a five-year farm bill upon returning in July. We believe that splitting the nutrition title from the rest of the bill could result in neither farm nor nutrition programs passing, and urge you to move a unified farm bill forward.

Ag Groups Demand Renewal Of House Farm Bill Debate
Ag Groups Demand Renewal Of House Farm Bill Debate

"Thank you for your support. We look forward to our continued dialogue as the process moves forward and stand ready to work with you to complete passage of the new five-year Farm Bill before the current law expires again on September 30, 2013."

Several Minnesota organizations signed the letter. They include AgriBank, AgStar Financial Services, Associated Milk Producers, Inc., Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative, Minnesota Canola Council, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, Minnesota Farmers Union, Minnesota Forest Industries, Minnesota Grain & Feed Association, Minnesota Lamb & Wool Producers, Minnesota Pork Producers Association, Minnesota Timber Producers Association and the Mississippi River Trust.