$500,000 Monsanto Gift Boosts 4-H Volunteer Effort

New grant set for 40 states.

Published on: May 13, 2013

With a $500,000 grant from Monsanto, 4-H clubs in 40 states now have renewed funding to launch new volunteer initiatives.

The gift for the National 4-H Volunteer Initiative is financing several programs to outreach an attract and retain 4-H volunteers necessary for the clubs to function.

The Initiative provides a 4-H's network of 540,000 volunteers with hands-on experience training, improving their ability to mentor positive youth development throughout the U.S.

Core training delivery modes consists of forum events allowing 4-H volunteers to learn program information and share best practices with one another. 

"With  the generous support of Monsanto, 4-H can continue to recruit and build an extensive network of well trained volunteers who can inspire youth for a lifetime," says Donald T. Floyd, Jr., National 4-H Council president and CEO. "Volunteers have always been the key to helping support high quality  positive youth development to our nation's youngsters."

$500,000 Monsanto Gift Boosts 4-H Volunteer Effort
$500,000 Monsanto Gift Boosts 4-H Volunteer Effort

Since 2007, nearly 65,000 volunteers and thousands of local 4-H families have been reached through the Monsanto supported 4-H volunteer training forms and online recruitment and retention tools, adds Floyd.

It is with Monsanto's help that the Volunteer Engagement and Activation Resource toolkit was launched, providing resources for 4-H educators and extension agents to recruit and effectively train 4-H leaders to provide positive youth mentoring.

"Monsanto is proud to be a long-time supporter of National 4-H Council, and we are pleased to honor the dedicated volunteers who serve as caring mentors, engaging and inspiring youth across America to be successful leaders," says Elizabeth Vancil, customer advocacy outrearch manager for Monsanto.

The Monsanto Fund's America's Farmers Grow Communities program has provided $1.5 million to local 4-H clubs across the nation since the program was christened in 2009. The program provides farmers the opportunity to win $2,500 and designate that to their favorite community nonprofit.