18 New Oregon Farms Recognized For Reaching, Passing 100-Year Mark

Century, sesquicentennial operations win state's attention.

Published on: Aug 27, 2012

When 18 Oregon farms and ranches were added to the roster of 100-year-old or more ag operations in the state, the stories of their longevity became part of the lore of the Beaver State.

At an Oregon State Fair ceremony in early September, family representatives of the farms and ranches, speaking for their ancestors who founded the operations, were lauded by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Farm Bureau.

Among the new additions to the Century Farm list  are:

A.J. Strubhar farm, founded in Marion County in 1910 by Andrew and Mary Strubhar. Original buildings, including the home, are still in use on the farm currently producing nut crops.Balin Ranch, founded in Klamath County in 1910 by Mary Balin.  Today it is one of the largest producers of USDA-certified organic grass-fed beef.

18 New Oregon Farms Recognized For Reaching, Passing 100-Year Mark
18 New Oregon Farms Recognized For Reaching, Passing 100-Year Mark

Bodnar Ranch, founded in Klamath County in  1912 by John Bodnar, currently produces Angus cattle, hay and grain.

Defrees Ranch, founded in Baker County in 1908  by Jacob Jennings Defrees, producing beef and timber.

Fanning Farms, founded in Polk and Yamhill counties in 1912 by Alonzo Milton Fanning and Nettie Bailey Fanning, grows grass seed.

Hiebenthal Farms, founded in Polk County in 1912 by August and Frieda Hiebenthal, produces livestock.

Kalander Farm, founded in 1911 by Emil Kalander, focuses on hay and pasture.

Kerns Ranches, founded in Klamath County in 1889 by Benjamin Schuster Kerns, produces livestock, oats, barley and wheat.

Leavy Farm, founded in Marion County by in 1912by Patrick, Ella and James Leavy , produces hops and hazelnuts.

Livingston Ranch, founded in Grant County in 1888 by Charles W. Conger, runs Angus and Hereford cattle.

Morgan Ranch, founded in Lake County in 1912 by Cora Bell Johnson Morgan, is an Angus

Payne Family Farms, founded in Yamhill County in 1882 by Frank Judson Canfield and Delilah Canfield, raises hogs and poultry.

Samuel Luethe Farm, founded in Multnomah County in 1907 by Samuel Leuthe, is a hay and produce operation.,

Schierling Farm, founded in Polk County in 1912 by August Hiebenthal, is in beef cattle.

Sly Farm, founded in Lane County in 1908 by Frank Sly, raises hay and livestock.

Wheeler Ranch, founded in Union County in  1903 by Milton and Joseph Wheeler, produces hay and grain.

The following list is of the Sesquicentennial Farms and Ranches inducted this year:

McPhillips Farms, founded in Yamhill County in 1862 by Bernard McPhillips, is a livestock and crops operation.

Talcott Ranch, founded in Douglas County in  1854 by James Watson, runs cows and hogs and raises poultry and tree crops.

The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program is administered by the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation. It is supported by a partnership between OFB, ODA, the State Historic Preservation Office and through donations.

For more information about the program, contact Sharon Leighty, program coordinator, at (503) 400-7884, or via e-mail at cfr@oregonfb.org.

For more on these farms, see the September issue of Western Farmer-Stockman.