1,000 Bushel Corn?

New Pioneer research director takes aim at new goal. Lon Tonneson

Published on: Sep 27, 2005

Bill Niebur, the new director of Pioneer Hi- Bred International’s crop research, says the company’s corn breeders are taking aim at 1,000 bushel corn. 

The old goal used to be 400 bushel per acre. Francis Child, the perennial winner of the National Corn Growers Association’s yield contest, has broken that mark.

"I think it is possible," says Neibur, who uses the term "blockbuster" to describe some of lines the company is working on through biotech assisted breeding. 

Consider how far corn has already come, he says. A bush type plant from Guatemala has evolved into a hybrid that can produce 400 bushels per acre in nearly a solid seeded environment in the middle of North America.