• Holly Spangler

    The Only Peanut Farmer in Illinois

    My Generation

     by Holly Spangler
     on May 19, 2011

    About a year ago, our oldest won a bag of peanuts, because she guessed there were about 400 peanuts in the bag. So we were eating a lot of peanuts. And at about the same time, my colleague at our Southern Farmer magazine, Pam Golden, ran a cover on her magazine showing a peanut farmer pulling a plant out of the ground. I showed it to the kids so they could see how the peanuts actually grow beneath the ground. Nathan, 5 at the time and ever the farmer, commenced to asking a whole lot of…

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  • P.J. Griekspoor

    Peanut Recall Gets More Confusing

    Kansas Viewpoint

     by P.J. Griekspoor
     on February 13, 2009

    I guess some answer is better than no answer. I heard back from the FDA on the peanut issue on why such a tiny company could spur such a big recall. They say it's because the peanuts went to various distributors who sent it on to more and more. My follow-up question was don't intake facilities test the safety of their incoming products before they dump them into the vat? For YEARS, the HACCP protocol in meat processing has required additional testing at critical access points. Surely, the…

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