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  1. Going to the Birds a Sign of Farm Landscape Diversity

    Researchers say that a healthy population of songbirds on your farm is an indicator of ecological diversity and healthy ecosystems.


  2. Farmers Say that Conservation is Cool

    Anti-ag forces say that farmers are wasteful and greedy, but in reality, farmers today see conservation as trendy.


  3. Women in Agriculture Hold the Future of Many Farms

    About half of the farmland in the U.S. is owned or co-owned by women.


  4. Are Rural Communities Ready for More Young Farmers?

    Is your community ready to accomodate the next generation of farmers, their young families and support businesses related to agriculture?


  5. Young Producers are Key to Building Livestock Production

    New producers poised to breathe new life into livestock production.


  6. Test Farm Production Questions Yourself

    If you have a question about a farm product or practice, why not conduct your own on-farm testing and comparison trials?


  7. Cover Crop Reflections

    The concept of planting cover crops to build soil is nothing new, but the idea is gaining new followers in the field every day.


  8. Out on a Limb: Tips for Proper Tree Pruning

    Proper pruning can add years of life and health to farmstead trees, but improper technique can have the opposite impact.


  9. Opportunities Raising Pigs

    PED virus and other challenges face modern pork producers, but opportunities are on the horizon.


  10. Truman Prepared for the Presidency by Working the Family Farm

    We recall that many Presidents, including Harry Truman, prepared for the Oval Office by tilling the soil on the farm.