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  1. Livestock farms depend on stewardship of land and relationships

    The land and the animals are only part of livestock production. We have to remember the "people" part as well.


  2. Highway litter cleanup makes impression on farm kids

    4-H club members pick up trash along the same roadside, every year as an act of true environmental awareness.


  3. 10 ways to prepare your farm for severe weather

    With spring, planters aren't the only things that will be rolling across the Plains. Severe weather is sure to pass through as well.


  4. Be careful out there with prescribed fire

    Prescribed fire is a great tool for managing the land when it is applied safely and planned out correctly.


  5. The faces of farming during National Agriculture Week

    The folks who feed the world are not famous, nor do they want to be. But they are "rock stars" when it comes to producing food for a hungry population.


  6. Farmers, NRDs, technology preserve groundwater resources

    It's National Groundwater Awareness Week. How well are farmers doing at preserving precious groundwater resources?


  7. Being Neighborly on the Farm

    Putting yourself in the shoes of your neighbor is not rocket science. It's just common sense.


  8. The Grass Isn't Always Greener On the Other Side

    We need only worry about the farming operation within our own fences.


  9. Value In Figuring Out What NOT To Do

    Sometimes knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what should be done.


  10. The Power of Belonging

    Hay producer says that relationships are what makes for good business.