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  1. Climate Change From A Faith-based Perspective

    Farmers need to help find solutions to cope with climate change, says a discussion at a church in Ames.


  2. Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 7

    We're back around the kitchen counter, re-capping Emily's experience as a Commodity Classic panelist, and talking spring weather...and mud...and the Farmland film.


  3. Showing Consumers the Face of the American Farmer

    "Farmland" documentary aims to address consumer concerns and illustrate the realities of farming from six different perspectives.


  4. USDA April Crop Report And Your Bottom Line

    Join the April 7 webinar hosted by The Farmer's sister publication, Farm Futures, to learn how global markets may impact spring planting.


  5. Fighting Words About Farming

    An author of a new book writes that a lot farming is "simply sitting around and letting plants grow and letting animals get fat."


  6. 10 Reasons A Famer Is An Ideal Valentine

    A farmer is the perfect Valentine. Here is a list of 10 reasons why.


  7. Super-Sized Equipment Not Suited for Highly Erodible Ground

    Matching machinery size to soil conservation needs on Iowa's steep slopes.


  8. What's In The Farm Bill 'Bag' For You

    Hundreds of groups thanked Congress for finally getting the Farm Bill done. Here's a peek at what's in it for Northeast farmers.


  9. 5 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

    Whether you've made personal or business resolutions, these five tips will help you live up to your expectations in 2014.


  10. The Farmer Gets A Christmas Bonus

    UPDATE: The saga of the abandoned dog ends with a Christmas bonus for the farmer, puppies and a vet bill.