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  1. Dairy Provision in New Farm Bill May Prove Costly

    While dairy program reduces farmers' risks, it could create a glut of milk.


  2. What's In The Farm Bill 'Bag' For You

    Hundreds of groups thanked Congress for finally getting the Farm Bill done. Here's a peek at what's in it for Northeast farmers.


  3. Farmers Like the New Farm Bill; Activists Cry Foul

    Some things never change when it comes to Congress, farmers and environmentalists.


  4. Farm policy from the grassroots

    Loads of information, delegate votes on policy, keynote speeches highlight American Farm Bureau Convention.


  5. Congress Has Earned Its Reputation

    House and Senate negotiators failed to work out a deal on the farm bill before the end of the year.


  6. Randall Reeder Presents Will Rogers

    Ohio farmers might want to ask Santa to bring them a copy of this new book capturing the agricultural comments of famed humorist Will Rogers.


  7. It’s Time to Count Our Blessings

    2013 has been a challenging year, but there is still much to be grateful for.


  8. Why Iowa Needs A Farm Bill Now

    Iowa leaders remain hopeful Congress will pass a new farm bill before end of the year.


  9. Blizzard Takes Toll On Cattle

    Western South Dakota cattlemen have lost 10-20% of their livestock.


  10. Conservation Compliance Not Always Clear

    One thing is clear, if you want to remain eligible for federal farm programs, you best have a determination made before one tree is cut or one puddle drained.