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  1. Serving "Food For Thought" And More At Wallace House

    What's on the menu at the Wallace House in Sherman Hill in Des Moines? Good food and thoughtful programs.


  2. Sustainable Farming Saved Wisconsin Agriculture

    Wisconsin transformed from the No. 1 wheat state in 1900 to the No. 1 dairy state by 1920.


  3. Mad As 'H' Over FDA's Food Safety Act Overreach!

    FDA's food safety act's overreach threatens local small-scale food and livestock producers. Major food processors love it. Respond by Nov. 15.


  4. Water Rocks! Ready To Inspire Kids Across Iowa

    Water Rocks! is an ISU Extension program designed to inspire kids of all ages to appreciate water resources.


  5. Sign Me Up For The Union Of Concerned Agriculturists

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, based in Cambridge, Mass, has a lot to say about today's agriculture. We are currently in negotiations to bring them back down to earth.


  6. New Leader For Iowa's Whiterock Conservancy

    Conrad Kramer will manage this land trust, which was once the famous Garst Farm at Coon Rapids.