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  1. Really, Really Clinging to Spring

    Did it snow at your house this weekend? Is it officially the longest winter yet? Or does it just feel like it?


  2. The Promise of the Prairie

    The cold winds are blowing again, but take heart in this image: it will be spring eventually and you'll be planting corn eventually.


  3. It’s Time to Count Our Blessings

    2013 has been a challenging year, but there is still much to be grateful for.


  4. Families Growing Our Food: Melons and More for Helgoth Family

    For decades, the Helgoth family has been providing locally-raised produce to their loyal customers.


  5. It's Time To Install Central Air

    Climate change is real – the growing season in central Wisconsin is three weeks longer than it was in 1950.


  6. Can't Plant? Put Your Empty Fields To Good Use

    Cover crops and conservation practice construction can be an option for farmers unable to plant corn or soybeans this spring.


  7. Lotsa Corn Planting, Little Sleeping

    The past week has been a blur, as Illinois farmers set records planting corn. Has anybody slept at your house?


  8. Is This Heaven?

    No. It's Iowa, where it snowed heavily May 2 and 3. What will happen to corn planted right before the big snow?


  9. Welcome to the New Normal in Crop Farming

    Late planting has a whole new meaning.