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  1. Call It The 7 Rs

    No matter how you define Master Farmer, these award winners bring honor to the profession.


  2. EPA's Chesapeake Bay 'Backstops' Would Kill Many Small Farms

    Many farmers – not just in the Chesapeake Bay watershed – aren't aware of EPA's 'backstops' if their watersheds fail to meet water quality goals.


  3. State Officials Defend Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy

    Iowa leaders say voluntary approach to reducing farm runoff will work if given a chance.


  4. 25th World Pork Expo Comes To A Close

    The event reflects the diversity of the pork industry, and the evolution pork production has gone through over the years.


  5. Reflections From Farm Friends' Funerals

    To learn about life beyond the farm, go to a farmer's funeral!