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  1. Dairy Provision in New Farm Bill May Prove Costly

    While dairy program reduces farmers' risks, it could create a glut of milk.


  2. Farmers Like the New Farm Bill; Activists Cry Foul

    Some things never change when it comes to Congress, farmers and environmentalists.


  3. Hemp or Marijuana, the Similarities Bring Questions

    Feds allow research that could benefit pot crops.


  4. Why Iowa Needs A Farm Bill Now

    Iowa leaders remain hopeful Congress will pass a new farm bill before end of the year.


  5. Conservation Compliance Not Always Clear

    One thing is clear, if you want to remain eligible for federal farm programs, you best have a determination made before one tree is cut or one puddle drained.


  6. How Government Shutdown Affects Farmers

    Farm bill expired Oct. 1, same day government shut down.


  7. What's Wrong With This?

    People don't like to work in ag labor, but maybe they might.


  8. Farm Bill And Fireworks On 4th of July

    Aggravated by gridlock in Washington, Iowa farm leaders urge Congress to pass a new farm bill.


  9. No Farm Bill? Really?

    Yes this is an equipment blog but House fails to pass Farm Bill? We're all impacted.


  10. USDA Deputy Promotes Farm Bill

    Scuse comes to Ohio to encourage passage of a Farm Bill and take back the views of Ohioans.