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  1. Equipment Sales Stick to Trend

    While many will look at the softer numbers, history shows that we're not far off what buyers have done in the past.


  2. Who Will Protect Agriculture From All The Land Mines?

    The need to speak up, get involved and tell your story is greater than ever!


  3. Good call, Governor and Minnesota Lawmakers

    Minnesota asks and receives federal assistance to ease propane shortage for families and farmers.


  4. You Had Better Speak Up on the Renewable Fuel Standard

    I didn't think my comments on the RFS would matter until I read some anti-ag, anti-farmer, anti-ethanol lies already sent to the EPA.


  5. Bye Bye Hefty Write-off?

    Gone is the rich depreciation tax break that had supported capital markets but investing in the farm is still necessary.


  6. My 2 Cents On The Renewable Fuel Standard

    I'm against mandates, but I'm against lies more. What I'm for: Gasoline or E85 for $1.69, not $3.79.


  7. You Might Be A Hay Waster If…

    Confessions of a livestock owner who wastes hay. Here are a few signs that you too could be a hay waster.


  8. Why Iowa Needs A Farm Bill Now

    Iowa leaders remain hopeful Congress will pass a new farm bill before end of the year.


  9. Don’t Worry, The Farmer Will Work 7 Days For Your Food

    While consumers sleep, the farmer works to provide food for their day off. The farmer is the original weekend warrior.


  10. Farm Show Revealed

    Farm Progress Show brings out the heart of ag industry.