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  1. Life Beyond the Ring

    Show season is on the horizon. Young livestock enthusiasts across the country will work their tails off but the question persists: do they know what they're raising?


  2. Climate Change From A Faith-based Perspective

    Farmers need to help find solutions to cope with climate change, says a discussion at a church in Ames.


  3. Last Price Update Before Planting

    Key pieces to the 2014 grain price puzzle are falling into place. Find out what the big picture looks like at a Farm Futures webinar April 7.


  4. Swedes Take America (In the Nicest Way Possible)

    Observations of the visiting Swedish ag journalists may surprise you: read on for their thoughts on livestock, biotech, hormones and semis. Not in that order.


  5. USDA April Crop Report And Your Bottom Line

    Join the April 7 webinar hosted by The Farmer's sister publication, Farm Futures, to learn how global markets may impact spring planting.


  6. Frugal Farmer Knew How to Pay it Forward

    Western Iowa farmer, Edwin "Bud" Skalla, left most of his estate to 13 southwest Iowa churches after passing away this past winter. He was one farmer who knew how to pay if forward.


  7. Blogging Through Brazil: Holy Rough Roads!

    Traveling rural Brazil takes brawn. Poor roads create problems for farmers.


  8. Are Rural Communities Ready for More Young Farmers?

    Is your community ready to accomodate the next generation of farmers, their young families and support businesses related to agriculture?


  9. Congratulations On A Job Well Done

    Delivering timely, helpful information to farm families and all Iowans is an important function of ISU Extension.


  10. Equipment Sales Stick to Trend

    While many will look at the softer numbers, history shows that we're not far off what buyers have done in the past.