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  1. Cherry Blossom Peak Tops Off D.C. Visit

    Nation's capital offers more to see, do than can be fit into week; DC Ducks a big hit with the grandkids


  2. It's Master Farmer Season

    Farm Progress publications have been honoring the 'cream of the crop' since the 1920s.


  3. It's A Batten Down the Lawn Furniture Kind of Day

    Steady winds of 40 mph and gusts to 60 send objects airborne across southern Kansas


  4. Teaching Kids About Ag, Livestock Is Reward of Its Own

    Taking grandkids to experience how livestock agriculture works has rewards in all sorts of ways


  5. Pursuit of 300 Kansas Farmer Also Water Conservationist

    Kansas Farmer Mitchell Baalman, is also a leader in the Sheridan Six, the first Local Enhancement Management Area for water conservation in the state


  6. Farm Bill Detractors Tell a Few Whoppers

    When it comes to list of Farm Bill waste and subsidies, the facts don't support the claims