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  1. Coast-to-Coast On A 1948 John Deere A

    Purpose is to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warriors Project


  2. Iowans Fight Big Oil's Effort To Dismantle RFS

    Iowa ethanol and biodiesel advocates flew to Washington D.C. last week to defend a strong and growing Renewable Fuel Standard.


  3. Teaching the Next Generation is a Privilege

    Four-year olds are at the '20 questions' stage, especially on the farm


  4. Combining Passion for Ag and Music

    Ag background inspires lyrics for Gyp Hills songwriter.


  5. Playing Catch-Up With Family And State Needs

    By now you've probably heard, the state is looking at a $1 billion budget surplus. Those words haven't been in print in several years, especially the word starting with a "B."


  6. On the Road Learning What's New

    Whew, it's been a busy couple weeks – covering new products at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee and DuPont Pioneer Media Day in Johnston, Iowa


  7. 10 Reasons A Famer Is An Ideal Valentine

    A farmer is the perfect Valentine. Here is a list of 10 reasons why.


  8. Faster Planter In Your Future?

    Companies like John Deere, Precision Planting turn up the heat on technology to make spring planting even more efficient.


  9. Man, I Sure Love This Cold Weather!

    Don't you wish we could save some of it to help cool off next summer?


  10. Deals Being Done

    Kinze and Raven cut a deal, but there's plenty going on in this business.