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  1. You've got questions, our experts have answers

    From estate planning to farm management, send us your tough questions.


  2. There's a time to say goodbye, even if you don't want to

    How can I send a great faithful ewe to the auction barn?


  3. Adjusting Cash Rent Not As Easy as Some 'Experts' Make It Sound

    Getting landowner to understand shift in ag environment easier said than done.


  4. 5 Things You Don't Want to Do Because Corn Prices are Low

    Not every cost-cutting measure on the farm makes sense in the long run. It's time to create a crop budget for 2015.


  5. Bear Wrestling at the Farm Progress Show?

    Outlandish tales of bear wrestling at the Farm Progress Show are backed up by incredible photos.


  6. Controversy Surrounding Future of Indiana State Fair Board Far From Over

    Word is that State Fair Commission and staff continue to push for changes.


  7. Will Indiana State Fair Beer and Wine Experiment Stay at Current Level?

    Let's hope the lid isn't open on Pandora's box at the Indiana State Fair


  8. My Encounters With Farm Yard Varmints Reaches a New High

    I finally put a point on the 'varmints vs. Tom' board, but I'm still losing the war!


  9. Will They Need to Clear Snow for the Indy 500?

    Winter hangs on with a vengeance.


  10. Farmers Like the New Farm Bill; Activists Cry Foul

    Some things never change when it comes to Congress, farmers and environmentalists.